Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

Q: What have Daft Punk, Europe and Skrillex in common?
A: They all got covered by some really crazy people.

half man, half mop: Skrillex

Cover versions of famous pop and rock songs are enjoying the world with great popularity. But beside the 200 Hits of Nouvelle Vague or Guns `N Roses Knockin On Heavens Door there are amazing cover versions out there that really blow our minds and gain massive clicks. 
Here we go!

1. Daft Punk Get Lucky, sung by a Russian police choir

While Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova disappeared after being moved from a prison in Mordovia, some other part of the Russian police corps put out this amazing cover version of Daft Punks Get Lucky. Can´t the rest of the Russian police staff be as calm as these funny guys?

2. Skrillex Bangarang, sung by a Dutch choir

The half of a mop named Skrillex really knows how to make you slamming your head on the table for 3:30 minutes but this choir named Dario Fo knows too! 

3. Depeche Mode Everything Counts sung by DMK

Every woman watching loves this dad from Bogotá.  And his kids. And this dad.

4. Rammstein Sonne sung by CMB

You think this is cute? Maybe you´ll like the fact that Rammstein invited these little monsters for opening up a Rammstein show at the Denver Coliseum in Colorado.

5. Europe The final countdown (parody)


Bonus: Skrillex Bangarang played on old school computers

This probably happens to all guys that never had a girlfriend.
You spend a whole month in your clumsy basement, triggering old school computers, floppy drives and toy lazer guns. Anyways, it´s worth it!