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Friends! LAST JUNKIES ON EARTH.COM has moved to a new server! 

If you have reached this side here instead, it´s because your browser found Right?

Please make sure to find us under , which is our ONLY webadress from now on.

Why is this?
This answer is easy. Our blog was hosted on which is a part Google. From 23th march 2015 on, does not allow any nudistic or pornografic content on their servers any more. Even we don´t have any pornografic content on LAST JUNKIES, we always wanna keep the option we COULD have some if we like.

2. We decided to host our content on our OWN server which is in Berlin now. We don´t wanna host all our content an a Google server somewhere out there in the world. If decides to stop the service, we would be fucked.

So please visit our brandnew & updated webpage here:


Bjoern & LJOE