Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Dumb Ways To Die - a viral superhit by the Melbourne Metro Trains

Dumb Ways To Die is the name of a campaign that was started by the Metro Trains Melbourne in November 2012 in Australia. The safety campaign was run to prevent people from premature death through hits by train caused of a too close stay to platform edges as well as simply doing stupid stuff close to railway systems. 

Like every modern campaign, the whole thing was planned to go viral on the internet. To make it a viral superhit, the creators covered the message with a content that people barely can resist to share - a cute and brilliant cartoon video combined with a wonderful song sung by the indie / folk artist Emily Lubitz & Ollie McGill. It worked out better than anyone could expect. The catchy video was watched more than 25 million times during the first 10 days and the song ranked 6th in the worldwide Itunes charts. Finally, it kicked Rihanna with her video for "Diamonds" from position 1 of the Viral Video Charts. That´s viral marketing at it´s best, a rare concept where all elements fit perfectly together. Congratulations to the creators of this amazing campaign.