Freitag, 16. März 2012

Choeur Itineris - deforming the sacralisation of mobile phones

We know them without recognizing them anymore: classical mobile ringtones have become modern lullabies of our lifestyle. Like the air itself these tones surround us in almost every situation and turned into a real nuisance. Only respectable places forced us to turn the mobil off, like churches or concert halls - until now. Monsieur Moo and Louise Drubigny from France organized the project "Choeur Itineris", a professional lyric choir, singing the best ringtones classics. ("Itineris" was the first french mobile service). Again art killed nuisance. Now your favourite melodies entered even the most respectable places and the audience can rediscover those disillusioned melodies, interpreted by six professional classic vocalists. Recover a sensational dimension with humoristically changing your viewpoint on those familiar melodies and pay a tribute to the creators of your favourite marketing anthems!

Vidéo : Jérôme Fino // Son : Pierre Bodeux // Direction: Augustin d'Assignies // Art director: Paule Drubigny // Choeur Itineris: Sarah Aguilar, Sterenn Boulbin, Paule Drubigny, Sarah Lazerges, Claire Péron, Flore Seydoux / Elise Maupetit
 - C.