Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Stuntcat released their new single "Robert The Doll" for free today

Click the image to download in HiRes
Linda and Bjoern Hering, better known as the german Indie- and Noiserock duo Stuntcat, released their brandnew digital single "Robert The Doll" for free today. The song will also appear on their second album which Stuntcat are writing and producing in their NEGATIVLAND studio right now.

"This gives you the chance to listen to what we´re working on right now", Linda told us. "Feel free to download this song via this player below. In return you could share the song with your friends and tell them to like us on our facebook page", she continued with a smile in her face. So go ahead folks, download and tell Stuntcat that you like´em. We already did because "Robert The Doll" contains wonderful crunchy disharmonies and could be a lost hit from Sonic Youths´ Experimental Jetset, Trash and no Star album from 1994. Stuntcat ties up perfectly to their debut "You look so alien in your bloody tuxedo" and are giving us the hope to get a great developed second album!

- Deaner