Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Welcome home! Andrea Schroeder announced debut on Glitterhouse

The outstanding german alternative and folk artist Andrea Schroeder announced just today that her debutalbum will be released in September on Glitterhouse Records. Glitterhouse is one of Germany's longest running independent labels (1987) and got well known when they published the early catalogues of Amphetamine Reptile and Sub Pop in the 1990. Today the label still is home of alternative Flagships like Wovenhand, the Walkabouts or Sixteen Horsepower. All these bands do really excellent and mellow folk and alternative music. And so Andrea Schroeder does.
Andrea recorded her whole album in Prague and Ljubljana. Noone else as Walkabouts mastermind Chris Eckman produced her songs and a crew of excellent musicians (like Jesper Lehmkuhl) joined her during these exciting weeks. I had the chance to listen to some snippets of her upcoming album and I can tell you that it will be breathtaking.  Everyone who already knows Andreas´ music can emphasize that Chris might be the top choice of producers on the list. And that Glitterhouse will be the perfect new home for Andrea Schroeder.