Montag, 30. Januar 2012

The art of Matt Linares, curated by Linda from Stuntcat

Replenishing Star 
Lowbrow artist Matt Linares was born and raised in Southern California and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has shown all over the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada.
Linda, singer and  riot woman of the german indie - and noiserock duo Stuntcat, outed herself as a big fan of his works so why not ask her to curate his paintings:

"We first discovered a painting by Matt when we stayed at the Halogen gallery in Seattle while we were on a road trip through the United States. His beautiful wooden-esque mechanical beings touched our hearts immediately.

For Bjoern and me all his paintings are telling apocalyptical stories of lost and sad characters, wandering around till infinity. They´re old and fragile because of their long journeys but they are always full of hope. Hope seems to be their main motivation to keep on moving, forever. That´s how Stuntcat became huge fans of Matt Linares. Being asked to curate him was a pleasure for me and I hope you like my choice of this 12 amazing artworks." - Linda Stuntcat



Lost Constellation

Rare If Finder

Relocated Guided Path

The Antique Collector

The Bay Crosser

Water World