Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Fighting the demons at night

The last time I stayed in Berlin I had the honour to meet the exceptional musician-couple Jesper Lehmkuhl (Copenhagen) and Andrea Schroeder (Munich) in their recently moved-in loft. Daylight was far gone and the wine flowed in streams, as Jesper entrusted to us that he sleeps only a few hours at night and that he bridges the spells being awake with huge amounts of coffee. Who ever heard his project Farmen might guess what thoughts may go through Jespers head during these long hours deep into the night. For his song "Daemonen" Jesper and Andrea just shooted a brandnew video. Whether it was also shot in one of those moments, while the rest of us mere mortals were asleep - nobody knows.Thanks Jesper gives us more footage for our dreams. And we owe it to him with recurring clicks on his fantastic sound paintings.

              Musicvideo by Andrea Schroeder & Jesper Lehmkuhl

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