Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

Collaborative Online Art: two amazing crowdsourced projects

When strangers gather together on the world wide web, it takes just very simple steps to create something huge and powerful. "Something about it is very hopeful", said Darren Solomon, creator of the In B Flat project, and he is so damn right. Crowdsourcing can easily bridge the borders of language, race or religion. Here are two amazing examples of collaborative online art projects, that became more popular than their creators ever expected:
Thanks to the circumstances that YouTube can online play one video at a time, Darren Solomon started to create In B Flat, a music project where strangers where asked to use their instruments and spoken words only in the note "B Flat". On the projects webpage you can start as many videos as you like to create your unique soundtrack. The music always fits together perfectly. It´s more Sigur Rós style than Foo Fighters, but anyways, just watching the project can really save your day!
Star Wars Uncut
Take the original Star Wars movie Star Wars IV: a new hope and cut it into 15 second clips. Then ask fans from all over the world to re-film a clip of their choice. Mashup all the crazy stuff you get and paste the whole movie back together. That´s exactly what Casey Pugh did and with more than a 1000 fans he made the impossible possible. Enjoy the Star Wars Uncut movie, it´s worth every second. Good job, people, humans, mankind!